We're Not Done Yet! 2016 Legislative Session Update Budget to be Voted on in Special Session


The General Assembly adjourned its 2016 session on Wednesday, May 4 at midnight, and CLCC and many of our conservation partners were there until the very end. And what an end it was!

The passage of Senate Joint Resolution 36 (SJ36) in the last minutes of the session was a big victory and a critical step forward to getting a Constitutional Amendment to ensure a comprehensive and transparent process to better protect our public lands. We look forward to working with our statewide partners, legislators, and YOU to get the amendment on the ballot in 2018 for a vote by Connecticut citizens.

Read more about SJ36 and a recap of other bills on which CLCC took action during the Session HERE.

State Budget Not Yet Approved - More to Come this Week!
With time running out, the General Assembly decided to defer taking action on the State Budget, as well as budget implementers (omnibus measures to implement policy changes in the new budget) and other bills (including the Conveyance Act and the Bond Package) and complete its business for 2016 in a Special Session, to be convened sometime this week.

What's this mean?
Bills (good and bad) that didn't make it through the regular session may be tacked on to a budget implementer in the Special Session. Budget items, including those critical to land conservation and the environment, may be renegotiated.

So We're Not Done Yet!
CLCC will continue to monitor for proposed changes to the budget and other proposals which may impact land conservation and environmental quality in your town and throughout the state. You can find more information on our budget priorities on our website HERE. Please watch for further updates and alerts in the event your help is needed in the coming days.

Thank you!
Amidst all of this uncertainty, there is at least one thing that is for sure: We know that we can count on you to speak up and take action to make a difference for conservation. Your dedicated involvement this session is proof of that.

With appreciation for all you do,
Amy Blaymore Paterson
Executive Director