Update on SB 181 - 03/26/18

Dear Supporters of SB 181:

It is with much disappointment that I share the news that SB181 did not make it on today’s Planning and Development Committee agenda, which was the final day for the bill to be raised for a vote.  Consequently, the bill will not move on this session.  

As you know, pursuing a pilot program only for those towns, like yours, that asked to be included in the bill, was a different approach than the statewide focus proposed in past iterations of the bill.  We followed a very deliberate and focused strategy in engaging legislators in support of this pilot approach and, despite the outcome, believe that we improved the proposal to give it a better chance of advancing in future sessions. 

As I stated in my testimony, I applaud your town for its leadership and foresight in asking to be included in this pilot program, and for your consistent efforts in advocating for the bill’s passage.  We will keep in touch about our plans to pursue the bill again next year. 

Thank-you for all you do to enhance the quality of life in your respective communities.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you all this year. 

If you have questions about SB181 or any other matter related to your land conservation work, please do not hesitate to contact me.