Training and Education

Turkey Eggs, Canton (Alden Warner).

CLCC hosts a number of trainings, workshops and events that address the issues your organization faces to ensure you have the information you need to make an impact at the local level.

Workshops and Training Sessions

CLCC provides valuable resources to help your organization achieve your conservation goals. Our series of workshops, focus groups and training sessions are available to guide your organization to learn from other land trusts and even more effectively preserve Connecticut lands.

Attached is a list of workshops offered by CLCC. Registration fees are discounted for CLCC members. Workshop handouts and other materials will be posted online in our Information Resources Library as available.

Regional Land Trust Board Summit Series

The CLCC Regional Land Trust Board Summits are a series of roundtables convened in regions throughout the state. Please join us to get to know your neighboring land trust colleagues, share your land trust board's experiences and challenges, offer advice on what's working, and get some advice on what could work better for your land trust and for your region!

CLCC regional roundtables are free and open to all land trust board members and others who are interested. (And YES! You can attend as many as you would like!)

Notes from our previous Regional Land Trust Board Summit Series are available HERE.

Summer Focus Group Series

Launched in 2012, the CLCC Summer Focus Group Series is an annual consultant-led roundtable for Connecticut land trust officers, board members and committee chairs from around the state.  The goals of the Focus Group are to:  (i) to provide peer-to-peer networking for a group of individuals serving in a similar capacity in diverse land trusts, who otherwise might not have the opportunity to meet and talk; and (ii) gather information on how Connecticut’s land trusts use staff and volunteers to increase organizational capacity.  The written report from the Focus Group discussion is presented at the following year’s Conference, and serves as the foundation for one or more workshops on topics of interest raised during the meeting.