Something to Talk About!

Connecticut's land conservation community is doing amazing work! Of course, that's not news to us. We follow your projects, take pride in your accomplishments, and love to share your good news far and wide through our eNews, Facebook page, and my favorite communication channel: word of mouth!
When it comes to Connecticut's land trusts, there's always something to talk about.
Check out this month's Land Trusts in the News section HERE and prepare to be impressed. Saving land, enhancing habitat, forging partnerships, inspiring kids (and adults!), and even consummating an organizational merger -- Connecticut land trusts are doing it all!
This is a great time of year to celebrate your community's conservation success stories and show off the land you have worked so hard to conserve. 
Whether you are planning a ribbon cutting, offering a tour, or scheduling a hike of a new preserve, please invite your local, state and federal elected officials -- and all of us at CLCC too!  
Celebrating the dedication of the Brainerd Quarry Preserve with the Middlesex Land Trust
Enjoy the sunshine -- and the rain -- and all that summertime brings to you and yours.

With warmest regards,