Act Now to Protect your State Conservation and Agricultural Lands

Act Today to Help Protect Connecticut’s Public Lands
Please contact your state representative TODAY and ask them to support SB70!
Dear Friends - 
SB70, An Act Concerning The Grant Of Property Interests In Property Held By The Departments Of Agriculture And Energy And Environmental Protection And The Establishment Of A Public Use And Benefit Land Registry, as amended, was approved by the state Senate on April 22 and is ready for action in the House.
The State holds over 255,000 acres of State Parks, State Forests, Wildlife Management Areas and other open space valuable for conservation and agricultural purposes. These lands were conveyed and acquired with an expectation that they will be permanently preserved in trust for the benefit of the public. Yet they are largely unprotected.
SB70 would provide a good first step and make an impact this year in our efforts to permanently protect state conservation and agricultural lands!
Click here for a summary of the bill, including amendments approved by the Senate. Click here for bill status and history.
Action: Please call or email your state representative TODAY and ask them to pass SB 70 and help protect Connecticut's public lands for future generations. 
Talking Points (but a message in your own words is best!):
* Not only are Connecticut's public lands critical to a healthy and vital ecosystem, they also have many proven economic benefits. A 2013 study from UConn showed that Connecticut's State Parks and Forests net over $1.2 billion in annual revenue for the state's economy. A 2010 UConn study reported that the agricultural sector contributes $3.5 billion to the state's economy and has an impact of 20,000 jobs.
* Through this bill, Connecticut state officials will have the authority to designate, identify, and protect lands that provide public use and benefit, including lands used for conservation, public enjoyment, or recreational purposes.
* This bill is a direct result of months of hard work, careful negotiations, and community involvement. It is an important step foward in helping to protect state lands and has the support of the Governor's office.
* The bill was passed by the Senate by consent. Now we need your help in taking it across the finish line! 

Please email or call your state representative now to make sure they vote to protect Connecticut's public lands.

And please take a moment to thank your senator and the Governor's office for their support of SB70.
Connecticut's conservation and agricultural lands are at risk!  Please join CLCC and the state lands working group in urging the state legislature to pass SB 70.
If you have any questions, please contact me. 
Thank you for your continuing dedication in support of land conservation!  
All the best, 
Amy B. Paterson
Executive Director