Oppose Fee That Would Hurt Land Trusts

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Oppose Fee That Would Hurt Land Trusts
HB 7408, Section 6


Your Testimony is Needed by Wednesday (4/10)

On Wednesday (4/10) at 11:00 a.m., the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee is holding a public hearing on HB 7408 - a bill which includes a proposal (Section 6) to allow municipalities to require non-profits (including land trusts and other non-profit land holding organizations) to pay a “public safety and infrastructure benefit charge” for police, fire, emergency services, and road maintenance.

Read HB 7408 (Section 6 starts on page 12) >>

CLCC urges you and your land trust to join us in strongly opposing this harmful Bill.

If approved, what would this proposal mean to your land trust?

  • Your land trust could be required to pay a fee for municipal services, even if your organization rarely, if ever, uses such services. Sec. 6 (a)
  • Your town would have broad and arbritary discretion in calculating the cost of providing services and the fee charged to the land trust. Sec. 6 (b) (1-3)
  • The fee structure is calculated as a percentage of the town’s cost to provide services multiplied by the assessed value of the land trust’s tax exempt property located in the municipality Sec. 6 (b) (4)
  • If unable to pay the fee within thirty days after the due date, your land trust would be assessed interest at a rate of 18% and the property subject to a lien. Sec. 6 (c)

Plese Take Action Today!
Send Testimony to Legislators with a Simple Message:
Vote NO on Proposal Allowing Municipal Fee on Land Trusts

See sample testimony belowI

Sample Testimony

Dear Members of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee,

I am a [member/volunteer/board member/officer] of the [name of your land trust]. I oppose Section 6 of HB 7408, which would allow municipalities to require land trusts and other non-profits to pay a fee for police, fire, emergency services, and road maintenance.

[Insert a description of your land trust, conservation projects, stewardship work, and programs you provide in your community.]

HB 7408, Section 6 would divert critical resources from our land trust’s ability to acquire and manage open spaces and other natural resources that benefit our quality of life and local economy. Indeed, one of the biggest economic benefits of protected land is that it avoids the need for infrastructure and other costly municipal services associated with developed land.

[Insert any other reasons why having to pay a municipal fee would hurt your land trust’s work.]

Our land trust, by its very mission, is committed to conserving land in perpetuity. This bill would add a financial burden on our organization, threatening our ability to care for land entrusted to us for the benefit of future generations.

Please remove Section 6 from HB 7408 and vote NO on any proposal allowing a municipal fee on land trusts.


Your name/organization/town

 Thank you for taking action!

Photograph at farm
Photo courtesy of Dale Bertoldi, Wintonbury Land Trust, Bloomfield

If you have any questions or need assistance submitting your testimony, please contact me anytime at abpaterson@ctconservation.org.


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Amy Blaymore Paterson, Esq.
Executive Director

P.S. HB 7408, Section 6 essentially allows a tax on your tax-exempt property and will make your land trust work even more expensive.