A Message Worth Repeating

The following is an excerpt of the message I shared with 2016 CT Land Conservation Lobby Day (4/20) participants:  
In the 6 years since I have been with CLCC, what I have found - consistently - is that you are passionate, incredibly hard working and totally committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed in accomplishing your community's conservation goals.
Doing deals, protecting the land, running a land trust, volunteering for your local conservation commission - you are doing it all! 
Today is a day to celebrate your hard work and be proud of the legacy that you are creating for the benefit of future generations.
But today is also a day to recognize the significant challenges we face not only as a conservation community but across all sectors of government.  
Your voice is needed now perhaps like never before. 
Today is a day to send a strong message that land conservation is not a luxury we can live without. Rather land conservation is a daily necessity - providing essential benefits to the quality of life for current and future generations. Fresh air, clean water, wildlife, education, recreation, community, culture, strong economies - all benefits of land conservation worth investing in and protecting.

Over the course of the next three days, please continue to make contact with your legislators and urge them to support land conservation funding and approve Senate Joint Resolution 36 to better protect our public lands through a Constitutional Amendment.
It is a message worth repeating.
With appreciation for all you do -