Land Conservation Advocates, Time is running out!

Land Conservation Advocates, Time is running out!

Time is running out! Please continue to reach out to your legislators to urge them to support bringing the following important issues that impact land conservation to the floor of both chambers for a vote before the session ends on May 9.
Protect Your Public Lands
Ask Your Legislators to Co-Sponsor SJ 35
Action: Please contact your Legislators with a short personal note or phone call and ask them to co-sponsor SJ 35. 


Protect Your Water Resources
Support the State Water Plan
What: Connecticut’s first State Water Plan shapes how the state regulates all water resources, and includes detailed information on state water resources and priorities related to drinking water, protection of watershed lands, and conservation. It also references water as a public trust resource. With the weakening of federal protections it is more important than ever to adopt a state water plan.
Action: Please ask your Legislators to pass the State Water Plan this year!
Keep up Your great work!
Your responses to our action alerts have been awesome! You are making a difference!
With budget deliberations, hundreds of bills under consideration, and just days left in the session, it has never been more important to stay in touch with your legislators about the issues you care about. Keep up your great work and thank you!
Amy Blaymore Paterson, Esq.
Executive Director