Inspire, Connect and Grow Your Fundraising Impact: Fundraising, Communication, and Project Tips and Strategies

As part one of CLCC's Land Trust Advancement Initiative Series, the focus will be on establishing the context for outreach and community engagement to help ensure our pledge of conserving the land in perpetuity.  This is a two-part training, focusing on tips and strategies that land trusts are using throughout the region and country, to inspire, connect, and grow their impact.

Specifically designed for all-volunteer and small-staffed land trusts, we will identify ways to enhance what you are doing as well as provide tips and strategies for your year-end appeal and next year’s projects and fundraising. Topics will include: tools related to communication and fundraising; building a welcoming and responsive organization, including programming ideas; establishing a rhythm of communication and fundraising; and introducing the concept of Ambassador Landscapes using fee-owned lands.

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July 2015 Training PowerPoint Slides

6 Types of Modern Jargon to Avoid in Your Fundraising Appeal
15 Tips for Writing in a Conversational Tone
Before and After Story
Copywriter vs. Technical Writer: What's the Difference?
Example-Editorial Calendar (One Month)
Is My Message Relevant?
Jargon List - Words to Avoid

Marketing Time Savers: Tools to Improve Your Writing Posted
Simple Three-Month e-News Content Strategy for Stacked e-News
Land Trust e-News Template
20 Dos and Don'ts for Nonprofit Thank You Letters
These Seven Donor Newsletter Flaws are Killing You
Why a Conversational Writing Style is Important
Write a Newsletter Donors and Members WANT to read
The You Attitude and Reader-Centered Writing

e-News Examples
Earth justice Call to Action
Email Newsletter Makeover Checklist
Gathering Waters
Land Trust Alliance
Text Over Photo
Trust for Public Land

Workshop Group Ideas
Ideas to Be More Welcoming

List of Jargon