Impressive Numbers for Protecting Land in CT

The new Land Trust Census was released by the Land Trust Alliance earlier this year; and the numbers for Connecticut are pretty impressive. 

Connecticut is home to the 3rd most land trusts in the country, and together they have protected approximately 190,193 acres.  We now boast 22 accredited land trusts – the 4th most in the country.  With over 1300 board members, 4300+ volunteers, and 37,000+ members and financial supporters, Connecticut’s land trusts are making an impact in every community in the state. 

Yet as impressive as these numbers are, it’s the success stories coming from the state’s land trust community that truly inspire. 

Each month in our e-Newsletters we feature land trusts in the news; and we are never at a loss for material to share.  From conservation projects to trail development, fundraising events to after-school programs, community farms to urban oases – Connecticut’s land trusts are saving the special places that define our communities; keep our air and water clean; enhance critical wildlife habitat; provide us with fresh, local food; give us places to run around and have fun; and generate community pride. 

Connecticut land trusts are making a difference in people’s lives now and for generations to come.   

But they can’t do it alone. 

As the state’s only land trust service center, CLCC is proud of our history in providing land trusts with the tools, assistance, and leadership they need to succeed; a history we share with YOU!

While you can read about our programs in the enclosed summary, here’s a snapshot of some of the experiences and accomplishments of members of the state’s land conservation community who have attended our programs over the last year, made possible because of the support of people like you!

Eightmile Intern KateAnnual Connecticut Land Conservation Conference

“I wanted to let you know that while I was at the CLCC Conference in March to present our new trail project, I was also able to meet with and hire our new summer intern.  Kate started with us a couple weeks back and we immediately put her to work launching stream temperature HOBO loggers, as part of a cooperative program with DEEP.  She will also be running our summer volunteer water quality monitoring program.  With limited time, it can be difficult for me to connect with qualified college students for the summer help I need, but how wonderful (and timely) that I was able to accomplish that at the CLCC Conference. So maybe, a summer intern table next year?”  Patricia Young, Coordinator, Eightmile and Salmon River Watersheds

Connecticut Land Trust Advancement Initiative

“I just wanted you to know how much I have learned from [Advancement Initiative communications coach, Judy Anderson] this year.  I’ve attached a copy of a fundraising letter I created and recently sent to our membership.  You can see I modeled closely on samples [Judy] shared with us.  We split the personalized letters among board members and wrote personalized notes on all of them.  We don't have a particularly wealthy town but small donations are arriving!  (Last time we did a fundraising letter we didn't even recoup our printing costs!)”  Gail Reynolds, Treasurer, Haddam Land Trust

Regional Land Trust and Focus Group SummitsFocus Group

“What a terrific turn­out [at the Regional Summit in Torrington]!  And the meeting content was made to order.  I've been to a lot of land trust events and last night's was exceptional.  Good show!”  Karen A. Huber, Executive Director, Litchfield Land Trust

Connecticut Land Conservation Lobby Day

“GREAT day!  I am so VERY impressed with the incredibly informative session [at the Capitol] and the continuous flow of legislators and department heads that spoke with that room full of conservation stakeholders.  The number of key environmental leaders in that audience was nothing short of remarkable.  We are all so fortunate to have CLCC’s vitality and leadership here in Connecticut.”  Mary Ellen Lemay, Coordinator, Fairfield County Regional Conservation Partnership

Thank you!  It is your generous membership support that enables us to offer educational programs, provide direct technical assistance, and foster opportunities for collaboration, networking, and advocacy that are responsive to the needs of the state’s land conservation community in a way that is professional, affordable and fun.  

With a new Strategic Plan in hand, we are excited to implement even more programs to support Connecticut’s land trusts and build upon the history of service we share together with you.

We hope we can count on your continued support as a CLCC member at the highest level possible. 

Wishing you a wonderful summer!

Yours truly,

Amy Blaymore Paterson, Executive Director

P.S.  You can view our new Strategic Plan on our website at or contact me anytime at

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