The Green Geek Squad

The Green Geek Squad
Every summer since 2012, CLCC has convened a Summer Focus Group - a consultant-led roundtable intended to provide peer-to-peer networking for a group of individuals serving in a similar capacity in diverse land trusts from across the state. Our groups have included land trust treasurers, stewardship chairs, executive staff, and most recently, Green Geeks.
Green Geeks? 
You know; they're the people on your boards and committees who can't get enough of cutting-edge technology to advance your organization's conservation planning, land management, public engagement and more. And on August 5, we had a room full of some of the best and brightest green geeks in the state!
Facilitated by CLCC's  Training & Education Subcommittee Chair Connie Manes, the conversation was fast-paced and jam-packed with tech terms, ideas, concepts and apps. There was even a show and tell featuring some very cool gadgets, including a drone - thanks to Harry White!
It was awesome!
If you missed the meeting, you can catch-up at the 2017 Conference (March 18), where representatives of this Green Geek Squad will present a report highlighting some very cool take-aways from our conversation.
While a lot of the tech lingo was admittedly lost on me, the conversation was yet another very satisfying reminder that good things happen when CLCC brings together Connecticut land trust folks to share their incredible wealth of knowledge, passion and energy for land conservation.
With much appreciation for all you continue to do to inspire us -
P.S. Check out some of the drone footage sent to CLCC by Avalonia Land Conservancy and Waterford Land Trust featured below.