Great Work by a Great Group!

This past Wednesday evening was pretty special. After 18 months of meetings, workshops, site visits, coaching, drafting (and re-drafting), and lots and lots of discussion, we wrapped up CLCC's first ever CT Land Trust Advancement Initiative.

Funded by the USDA-NRCS, the Initiative provided 15 land trusts in the Lower CT River and Coastal Region Land Trust Exchange (LTE) with intensive technical assistance to collaborate on projects focused on communications, stewardship, and shared services. The LTE is a regional conservation partnership coordinated by RiverCOG Environmental Planner and CLCC Steering Committee member Margot Burns.

The group reflected on project deliverables; shared new skills and insights; and brainstormed on ideas for implementing exciting next steps for their respective land trusts and the LTE. 

Ann Courcy of the Deep River Land Trust summed it all up, saying, "So much progress and growth came out of this mammoth endeavor. I know our land trust is changed forever because of the skills we learned and insights we obtained."

It was an extraordinary effort by an inspired (and inspiring) group of land trust volunteers -- and their fearless leader, Margot!

Great work and congratulations, LTE - we can't wait to see where you go from here!

With warmest regards,

PS: With lessons learned from this pilot program, we look forward to starting our next Advancement Initiative with land trusts in New London County, and sharing our experiences with you throughout the coming months at our summits, workshops and other programs to help advance your conservation goals and build regional collaboration. Watch for a schedule coming soon!