Going Deep

With the NFL football playoffs dominating sports networks (and tv viewing in many living rooms), it's not all that uncommon to hear the phrase, "Go Deep!"
But for me (admittedly not a big NFL fan), when I hear "Go Deep!", the first thing that comes to mind is "community conservation" -- an approach to land conservation that goes beyond traditional programming by offering experiences that reach a broader, more diverse cross section of our communities.
And, in that context, "deep programs" are designed to create more of an immersion experience where the same group of people spends several days, or more, of time together getting to know each other and the land trust, while using the natural environment to experience something in a new way.
Often these regularly scheduled programs are done in partnership with a non-conservation organization (a school, arts association, library, senior center, historical society, religious group, soup kitchen, etc.) working on different types of community issues or challenges.
Is your land trust offering deep programming or other non-traditional ways to reach more people in your town? If so, we'd love to hear more about what you are doing, where you are doing it, with whom you are partnering, and some of the successes and challenges you've experienced in building new and more creative programs.
When you share your stories you inspire others ... and you inspire us.

With warmest regards,


PS:  Photo credit:  Bob Halstead, Bridgeport