Fostering Connections ... It's What We Do

In celebration of CT Trails Weekend (June 6, 2015), I joined a group of enthusiastic conservationists on a beautiful paddle to Peach Island, a 2.6 acre island located in Norwalk Harbor and part of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge.  Guided by Connecticut Land Conservation Council (CLCC) Steering Committee Chair Alicia Sullivan and Refuge Manager Rick Potvin, we learned all about the historical and ecological significance of the island, including its importance as a feeding area for wading birds and breeding ground for Horseshoe Crabs.

The most memorable part of the day?  Watching the look of awe and excitement on the face of one of the younger members of our group as she observed, touched and eventually held a sea worm -- a connection with nature that undoubtedly made this young person’s day … and mine as well.  

CLCC is all about fostering connections - - it’s what we do! 

  • With land trusts – providing a venue for land trusts to network, learn from one another and advance their conservation goals through collaboration.
  • With conservation professionals and advisors – arranging for timely, practical and affordable opportunities for land trusts to improve organizational capacity through training and education. 
  • With landowners - facilitating workshops and offering free consultations for individuals and families interested in protecting their land and connecting with their local land trust or conservation commission.
  • With foundations and other grantmakers – disseminating up-to-date news about funding opportunities for conservation and land management, and directly offering grant funds for land trust projects focused on augmenting their capacity to complete work central to their missions.
  • With state and federal legislators – testifying at public hearings, meeting with legislators, arranging site visits, organizing lobby days and otherwise ensuring that the collective voice of Connecticut’s land conservation community is heard loud and clear at the Capitol. 
  • With you - sharing a passion and tireless devotion to ensuring that the places that make our communities special are protected forever.

And with future generations ... Supporting YOUR work which is vital to cultivating and inspiring the next generation of conservation leaders.


While CLCC is but one of dozens of conservation organizations operating in the state, it is the only statewide organization that directly addresses the critical needs of Connecticut’s land trusts (now numbering 137) as well as other members of the broader conservation community.  Your continued financial support and partnership make it possible for us to reach deep and wide into Connecticut’s conservation community building connections with nature now and for the future.   

Thank you!

More photos from the Peach Island Paddle - June 6, 2015