Finding Clarity

Recently, while driving to a land trust celebration in Goshen, I felt burdened by a vague gloom. The air outside was hot and heavy - befitting the relentlessly grim news from both Hartford, where the state's fiscal year ended without agreement on the next biennial budget, and Washington, where daily tabloid-style revelations overshadow a steady assault by the current administration on environmental regulations.

When I arrived, I was greeted by many land trust friends, and together we hiked up a long hill to join the Goshen community in celebrating the land trust's protection of the Mountain View preserve.

Tim Abbott and Amy Paterson

Hike group

Hike group 2

When we reached the clearing at the top of the hill, the view took my breath away.

Goshen Land TrustGoshen Land Trust's preservation of this exquisite mountain-view was no easy task. There were many people and organizations who have earned our thanks and sincere congratulations, including a local couple whose indispensable help made the purchase possible.   

After the ceremony, we hiked back down via a newly blazed trail that meandered through forest and over streams. The air was cool, the scenery was gorgeous, and the mood was jubilant.

On my ride home, I felt incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work with land trusts like Goshen, and people like you, who are committed to saving places that bring a restored sense of clarity and purpose at a time when we really, really need it.

Although the news these days can be grim and disheartening, I will always remain inspired by your commitment, your sacrifices, your leadership, and your accomplishments. That is how real progress happens!


Amy with dogWith warmest regards,

Amy Blaymore Paterson, Executive Director

P.S. You can learn more about GLT's Mountain View preserve in a Hartford Courant article by Peter Marteka.