CT Land Trusts are Doing Amazing Work!

You are doing amazing work!  And we at the Connecticut Land Conservation Council (CLCC) are working hard to assist you with your projects, advertise your success, and provide the support your organization needs to achieve its land conservation goals.

And we love to share your good news – especially with legislators!

Throughout this challenging state legislative session, CLCC has been on the front line at the Capitol advocating to protect and support programs (such as the Community Investment Act), agencies (such as the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and Council on Environmental Quality), and legislation (such as a constitutional amendment to better protect our public lands) – critical to saving land and other natural resources in your communities.  (See enclosed program update, including a summary of our work in the 2017 legislative session.)

In Washington, D.C., I recently joined land conservation leaders from across the country to represent Connecticut’s land trusts as part of the Land Trust Alliance Advocacy Days.  Our team thanked members of Connecticut’s Congressional delegation for their leadership and asked that they continue their steadfast support for the land conservation programs, tax incentives, and funding that your organization relies upon to acquire and protect land in Connecticut.

In these tough economic times, charged with political divisiveness, it has never been more important for CLCC to take advantage of every opportunity to spread the message that land conservation is essential to healthy, sustainable communities and strong economies – both now and for future generations.  And there is no better way for us to make that case to our legislators than by sharing stories of how your land conservation work is impacting communities and changing lives in their districts.

Thanks to your amazing work, I have plenty to talk about!

Here’s just one recent example.  My first meeting in D.C. was with Leonard Jordan, Acting Chief of the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service.  Joining representatives from state associations and land trusts from around the country, this was my opportunity to describe to the Chief why funding for NRCS programs is so important to your land conservation efforts in the state of Connecticut. 

Amy with USDA-NRCS Acting Chief Leonard JordanIn the brief time I was given to speak, I shared details of your NRCS projects ranging from habitat restoration and enhancement, to water and soil quality, to farmland preservation.  I also thanked the Chief in advance for his support for continued funding of these important programs.

Chief Jordan was moved by your stories and promised to check into the status of funding for one of the projects I had described, for which a grant was awarded but not yet allocated.

When I got back to Connecticut and shared that experience with the state’s NRCS staff, they assured me that Chief Jordan would not forget our conversation, including the stories of your successful land conservation projects.

Whether talking with legislators in Hartford or in Washington, D.C., there is no better evidence of our successful work together than the impacts your land conservation projects are having across the state.

As the state’s only land trust service center, CLCC serves the land conservation community as its voice and face in state and federal government, as its facilitator and guide, as its convener to help solve problems and share knowledge and experience, as a service provider of technical assistance, and as a leader to ensure that conservation interests are permanently protected.

CLCC represents all that we are together as a land conservation community:  devoted, undeterred, collaborative, vocal, and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  

Please join CLCC as a 2017-18 member at the highest level possible and together we will continue to create land conservation success stories to share for generations to come.

Wishing you a wonderful summer.

Yours truly,

Amy Blaymore Paterson

Executive Director

P.S.  Good News!  I recently heard from one of the project partners that the requisite NRCS paperwork is now in the queue and that they are optimistic that their funding will be in hand this summer.  Another CT land conservation success story in the making!  Thank you!

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