Conservation Policy and Legislation

Farmington River, Burlington (Alden Warner).

State and federal policy has a big impact on conservation in Connecticut.  Every year, the CT Land Conservation Council sets an agenda for issues it will focus on during the legislative session.  Grassroots membership support is crucial for the success of the agenda.  Membership dues also help retain a lobbyist on the Council's behalf.

Get Involved

Local conservation organizations can have and have had a very significant impact on improving municipal, state, and federal laws to encourage and enforce good land conservation policy.  Getting letters and emails from their constituents does get the attention of lawmakers – it can often turn the tide on proposed legislation, and trusts can play an important role in generating these letters from their members.

Land trust members have turned out in huge numbers for public hearings at the State Capitol, which have played a crucial role in increasing state funds for open space protection.  One trust had a problem with an abutter claiming part of a preserve through "squatter’s rights", and worked with the Land Conservation Coalition (the precursor to the CLCC) to pass a law preventing land trust land from being seized through "adverse possession".  Other groups have organized support for local ballot referendums for town open space funds.

Find Your Legislator

Go to the State of CT General Assembly website.  Click on "House" or "Senate" on the left hand side of the home page, and then on "Find your Legislator".

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