Community Investment Act Under Attack Again

 Funding for Open Space Grant Program at Risk!

Testimony and emails needed.
Public Hearing - H.B. 6825
Appropriations Committee
Tuesday, April 21
2PM - Room 2C
Legislative Office Building
300 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT

Deficiency Bill Includes $10M Raid of Open Space FundsThe Governor's Deficiency Bill (H.B. 6825, section 5) proposes a sweep of $15,200,000 from the Community Investment Act (CIA) fund, including $10 million from DEEP's current fiscal year open space grant account. This proposed sweep is in addition tot he complete sweet of CIA funds from 1/1/16 through 6/30/17 proposed in the Governor's Biennial Budget. (S.B. 946, section 29)

The CIA is a Dedicated Fund - It Should Be Respected as Such
The CIA was established as a DEDICATED REVENUE SOURCE OUTSIDE OF THE BUDGET to provide consistent funding for reinvestment into our communities for open space, farmland/dairy support, historic properties, and affordable housing programs.

The CIA Benefits all Communities
Funded through a $40 surcharge on local recording fees, the CIA has invested over $133 million for 1,100 projects across all four sectors in 168 Connecticut towns - and the numbers continue to increase!

The CIA is Critical to Land Conservation
The CIA is the only consistentsource of funding for the Open Space & Watershed Land Acquisition Grant Program (OSWA). The proposed sweep of these funds could seriously impace the current grant round and the future of the OSWA program.

Voice your strong opposition to these cuts!
 Join us at the public hearing! Submit your written testimony!

When:  Tuesday, April 21, 2:00 p.m.
Where:  Legislative Office Building (LOB), Room 2C, 300 Capitol Ave., Hartford
Testifying at Public Hearing:  If you wish to testify, sign-ups will begin at 11:00 a.m. in Room 2700 of the LOB on a first come, first served basis. Bring 60 copies of your written testimony to Room 2700 by 1:00 p.m. and submit your testimony electronically, in Word or PDR format, to APP Public speaker testimony is limited to three minutes
Parking at the LOB:  Parking is free int he LOB garage, but you can no longer access the building via the 3rd floor. You need to enter in the front of 300 Capitol Ave. to get through security.
Emailing Testimony:  If you are unable to attend the public hearing, please email your testimony to your Legislators:  Send them a copy of your testimony and ask them to oppose these cuts to the CIA! Click HERE to find your legislators' contact information.

Please contact CLCC Executive Director Amy B. Paterson with questions or with help in submitting your testimony!
And please send us a copy of your testimony too!

Learn more about the Community Investment Act HERE
Print a copy of the CIA Fact Sheet HERE

Additional Talking Points about the CIA

  • CIA investments boost local and state economies (projects have contributed to the viability of the $873 million outdoor recreation industry and the $3.5 billion agricultural industry)
  • CIA investments leverage millions of matching funds (200% in private, federal and local sources invested back into our communities)
  • CIA = Jobs! CIA projects have created over 3,000 jobs in affordable housing and historic preservation, and over 28,000 jobs in the agricultural industry.
  • CIA protects natural resources! Describe your town's CIA Conservation Success Story

Community Investment Act Day
May 13, 2015
1-4PM at the LOB
Details coming soon!