Celebrating Lisa Lane Farm

I first learned about the Lisa Lane Farm in 2014 when I was researching Community Investment Act* success stories. A 10-acre farm located in the most densely populated part of Bloomfield, the Lisa Lane Farm was conserved by the Wintonbury Land Trust in collaboration with the town of Bloomfield, DEEP, and the USDA-NRCS. 

Still in private ownership and protected by conservation easements, the land is leased to Desmond Samuda, who grows, among other things, specialty produce for the area's West Indian community. The farm serves as an experiential classroom for kids of all ages to learn about conservation and agriculture, and provides a place for neighbors to gather, plant and harvest food for themselves and their community. 

The land is also valuable for conservation: It is surrounded by a wooded buffer, offers neighborhood access to walking trails, and provides quality wildlife habitat adjacent to the town of Windsor's Meadow Brook Wildlife Corridor. 

Last month I had a chance to tour the farm at the land trust's Harvest Day; with games, demonstrations, guided walks and an opportunity to see the community gardens and new greenhouse*, the place was packed.

Farmer Desmond Samuda introduces a very proud community gardener
Everyone was happy. Everyone was proud. The sense of community was palpable.
Events like this are happening across the state, thanks to your hard work in conserving the special places that bring communities together. 
Enjoy them, and feel proud.
With appreciation for all you do -

*The protection of the Lisa Lane Farm was made possible in part by the Community Investment Act, which provides critical funding for DEEP's Open Space & Watershed Land Acquisition Program. The greenhouse was funded by a Dept. of Agriculture Ag Viability Grant another CIA program. 
Protecting the level and integrity of the CIA is an annual priority for CLCC.
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