Action needed today! CLCC seeking municipal support for the Community Redevelopment and Conservation Act.

Dear Land Trust Board Members, Conservation Commission Chairs, and other community leaders -

Attached please find a letter from Representative Phil Miller and a flyer regarding the Community Redevelopment and Conservation Act (CRCA) -- proposed legislation that would enable, but not require, towns to establish a fund for green projects. We are seeking your assistance in distributing Representative Miller’s letter to your town’s First Selectman/Mayor and Town Planner to ask for their support of CRCA.

This proposal does not impose a mandate upon municipalities to establish the program; rather, if enacted, this legislation would merely allow communities to decide on their own, through the public approval process, whether they would like to take advantage of this mechanism for raising dedicated revenue for a wide range of locally-determined priority projects.

CLCC supports the CRCA (HB6312) as a potential major source of local funding for open space and agricultural land conservation Over $400 million has been raised for land protection on Long Island through this approach. However, funds could also be used to promote brownfield restoration, transit-oriented development, clean water projects, and other projects depending upon your community’s needs.

Representative Miller and other key legislators who are in support of the CRCA concept have told us that evidence of support from local communities is essential to their decision to raise the bill this session,. It is therefore critical that we find local community selectmen, planners and finance committee members who are willing to sign on to Representative Miller's letter, to show support for the CRCA proposal.

There are 137+ land trusts in the state. Some have already acted to endorse the CRCA proposal (including my own Salem Land Trust), and are asking selectmen, planning, and conservation commissions to sign on. Please follow these steps to join us in this effort:

• Provide the flyer and Representative Miller’s letter to the leaders in your community
• Ask them to indicate their support for the CRCA concept by signing on to Representative Miller’s letter. Mail signature pages back to the CLCC office at our letterhead address and we will forward them to Representative Miller.
• Time is essential - we need to act within 2 weeks. Please respond by March 1st.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact me at, or leave a phone message at 860-859-1247.

Your organization has an important voice in your community. Please use it to ask your community leaders to sign Rep Miller's letter, to provide the evidence of support he needs to successfully raise this bill in the State Legislature this year.

Thank you for your support and for all you do for conservation in your community.

Yours truly,

David Bingham
Member, CLCC Steering Committee
Coordinator, CRCA Working Group

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