Advocates for Land Protection and Stewardship (ALPS) Program

State policies and funding have a profound impact on the pace and scale of land conservation here in Connecticut. As respected leaders in the conservation community, the voices of land trusts should play an integral role in shaping those policies to conserve the lands, clean air, water, and thriving communities we fight for every day.

With that goal in mind, CLCC is proud to offer the Advocates for Land Protection and Stewardship (ALPS) Program— a new and exciting initiative designed to empower land trusts to foster strong working relationships with their elected officials and advance conservation friendly policies at the state level.

What is an Advocate for Land Protection and Stewardship?

An Advocate for Land Protection and Stewardship (“Advocate”) is a board member, staff person, or other representative of a Connecticut land trust who is willing to engage with elected officials on various land conservation policy issues. Advocates bring firsthand experience and local credibility that demonstrates the value of state/federal land conservation programs, influences legislation and policy matters, and is the basis for lasting relationships with legislators.

Advocates can be experienced activists or novices -- all experience levels are encouraged to take part.  

*There is no fee for your participation, but this opportunity is only available for land trusts and individual members of CLCC.

What do Advocates do?

Advocates build relationships with their legislators and work to positively shape conservation policy by:

1. Organizing with their state representative and senator—

      • One in-person meeting; and/or
      • One visit to a conserved property  demonstrating the value of land conservation to their community and the state programs that make it possible; and/or a town-hall meeting or other information session for constituents.
      • Promoting these events via social media, organizational newsletters, and/or other available communications platforms.

2. Responding to  CLCC action alerts by contacting their legislators and sharing the call to action with members of their land trust and others in their community.

3. Communicating with CLCC about their advocacy work, so CLCC can track progress, provide support, and recognize their achievements.

Advocacy Toolkit 

Read up on how to navigate the policymaking process and successfully speak up for the land with CLCC’s advocacy toolkit. This online resource includes materials covering the ins and outs of the legislative process as well as how to effectively schedule Capitol visits, lobby your legislators, and share your stories in the most impactful way possible.

View Advocacy Toolkit HERE 

For more information about the ALPS Program, click HERE. If you have any additional questions or are interested in becoming an Advocate, please contact CLCC Executive Director, Amy Blaymore Paterson at