2018 Call to Action

Land Conservation
Call to Action!
March 19 - 23, 2018

 WHAT:  Take ONE of the following actions this week!

  • Contact your State Legislators by phone or email
  • Schedule a visit with your State Legislators (We can help!)
  • Write an op-ed or letter-to-the-editor for your local paper

 WHY:  It is a critical time for land conservation!

Your State Legislators need to hear from you on budget cuts and legislation that will have lasting impacts on land conservation.

WHO:  People and organizations like you who care about land conservation!

HOW:  Send a strong message to your lawmakers that land conservation matters to you and your community.

GOAL:  EVERY State Legislator receives at least one land conservation contact this week.

To find your legislators and their contact info visit:


Sample message

In your own words …


Dear State Rep/State Senator ___________:

With just weeks left in the legislative session, there are a number of issues before you that impact land conservation in our community and are important to me. I ask you to:

These issues are important to me and my community because:

[So important! Provide your own examples of how land conservation impacts you and your community, such as a description of the work of your organization, its volunteers, and the impacts your programs have had on your community]


Thank you, in advance, for your support on this/these important issues!

Your name, town and organization (if applicable)

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