2017 Connecticut Land Conservation Conference Handouts

A.1 Land Trusts in the Courts: A Review of Cases and Lessons
CGS List of Conservation Laws
DEEP Public Hearing Petition 2016
Encroachment Complaint - Middlebury Land Trust
Encroachment Letter
Farming Statutes
Kent Land Trust Amendment Case
Middlebury Land Trust Counter Claim
Woodbridge Land Trust Counter Claim
Woodbridge Land Trust Tenant Encroachment

A.3 Fostering Old Growth Forests & the New Paradigm for Land Trusts
Forever Wild Toolkit for the Easement Writer

A.5 Kiosks and Waysides: Beyond the Bulletin Board
PowerPoint Presentation
Sample Sign 1
Sample Sign 2

A.6 Stewardship Fundamentals
Baseline Documentation Reports
Baseline Documentation Report Sample Table of Contents
Sample Letter to Landowners
Sample Letter to Volunteer Stewards
Field Guide to Monitoring Conserved Lands
Annual Monitoring Report Form
Successor Landowner Procedures
Sample Management Plan Table of Contents
Fee Land Stewardship Cost Analysis Spreadsheet
Records Policy Update Plan
Records Policy Procedures Template
Records Management Policy
Recordkeeping Article

A.7 Engaging our Entire Community:  Using Land to Build Diversity, Relevance and Inclusivity
Suggestions for Greater Inclusiveness and Diversity in Conservation

A.8 Planning, Designing and Building Accessible Trails
PowerPoint Presentation

A.9 Building Tomorrow's Board Today
PowerPoint Presentation

A.11 Increase Private Funding in a Time of Decreasing Public Funds
PowerPoint Presentation

B.3 Giving Yourself an Out: Knowing When to Say No
PowerPoint Presentation

B.5 Volunteer Stewards: Sucess Stories from NW Connecticut
PowerPoint Presentation

B.10 Show Me the Money: Back to Fundraising Basics
PowerPoint Presentation

B.11 Stronger Together: Building Regional Partnerships
PowerPoint Presentation

C.1 Federal Policy: Hot Topics
PowerPoint Presentation
CGS List of Conservation Laws
Hot Topics on the 8283 Form

C.3 Anatomy of an Open Space Project
PowerPoint Presentation

C.4 Forest Resilience for Landowners & Land Trusts
PowerPoint Presentation

C.6 Creating a Sustainable and Engaging Internship Program
PowerPoint Presentation
Sample Internship Job Description

C.8 Sound Record Keeping for Land Trusts
PowerPoint Presentation
Coversheets and Checklists
Spreadsheet Template

C.10 This Land is Your Land
PowerPoint Presentation

C.11 Anatomy of a Merger
PowerPoint Presentation

D.5 Standards and Practices Revisions: What Changed and What Now?
PowerPoint Presentation
Revised Standards & Practices Feb. 2017
Standards and Practices Overview Booklet
What You Can Plan For Flyer

D.8 Use Your Data to Raise Money
PowerPoint Presentation

D.11 Coordinating and Funding a Multi-Town Trail System
PowerPoint Presentation
You May be Wondering Handout