2016 Connecticut Land Conservation Conference Handouts

A.1 Making Your Voice Heard at the Municipal, State and Federal Level
PowerPoint Presentation #1
PowerPoint Presentation #2

A.3 Acquisition Policies & Practices for Sound Transactions
PowerPoint Presentations
Appraisal and Form 8283 Review Checklist
Draft Model Acquisitions Policy
Form of Resolution
Sample Donor Substantiation Letter
Sample Site Assessment Checklist

A.4 Value-Driven Strategic Mapping & Building Assemblages to Create Conservation Corridors
PowerPoint Presentation
Datasets for Draft Two of FCRCP Strategic Conservation Map Co-Occurence Model

A.5 Management Planning for Land Trusts 101
Management Plan Template
Management Plan Template (PDF version)

A.6 NRCA: Youth Conservation Projects
PowerPoint Presentation
NRCA Community Partner Info
NRCA Community Project Example 1
NRCA Community Project Example 2
NRCA Community Project Example 3
NRCA Overview
Summary of NRCA & Success Stories

A.7 Community Conservation 101
PowerPoint Presentation
Planning Exercise
Ten Tips for Doing Great Community Conservation Work

A.8 Building Community Support: Cheap & Easy Tips and Tools for Creating Compelling Visual Communications
Canva Guide
Inexpensive Easy Graphics
Tips for e-News formatting Canva

A.10 Reputation Management: Protect Your Land Trust's Brand
PowerPoint Presentation

A.11 Can you Find the Right Insurance at the Right Price?
2016 Annual Report to Members
Assessing Insurance Needs
Risk Balancing
Volunteer and Charitable Immunity Statutes

A.12 What All New Board Members Need to Know
PowerPoint Presentation
Protecting What Matters: Guide for Board Members
Evaluation of the BOD and Key Functions of the Board
Board Self-Evaluation
Sample Land Protection Guidelines
Procedure for Reviewing Appraisals and 8283s

B.1 Balancing Public Access with Land Protection
Presentation Handouts

B.3 Planning for Climate Change in CT's Coastal Areas
PowerPoint Presentation

B.4 Next Steps: Management Planning 201
PowerPoint Presentation

B.5 A Stewardship Manual for Volunteers
PowerPoint Presentation - Stewardship and Monitoring
PowerPoint Presentation - Stewardship Volunteer Training

Volunteer Stewardship Manual

B.9 Standards & Practices Revisions: Your Input Wanted!
PowerPoint Presentation
Standards & Practices Revision Handout
Standards & Practices Overview Infographic
Standards & Practices Discussion Draft 3.0
What Needs to be Changed and Why

C.1 We Bought a Farm
PowerPoint Presentation

C.3 Conservation Easement Amendment Clauses, Charitable Giving Across State Lines, and Other Hot Topics
Amendment Clauses
CGS List of Conservation Laws
Enforcement and Violations
Enhanced Tax Incentive
Land Conservation Case Law Summaries
Out of State Contributions
Real Property Tax Exemption
Site Contamination
Using the Conservation Tax Incentive

C.5 Backfill Your Backlog: Building Basic Management Plans
PowerPoint Presentation
Practice 12C: Land Management
Sample One-Page Management Plan
The Cadillac - Mianus River Gorge

C.6 Documenting High Quality Streams in Your Protected Lands
PowerPoint Presentation
RBV Flyer

C.8  Building and Managing a Budget - the ABC's
PowerPoint Presentation
Functional Budget for Land Trusts

S.1 Designing Your Public Lands to Inspire More People: Ambassador Landscape Tips, Strategies and Examples
Ambassador Lands Check List
Ambassador Lands Handout Part 1
Ambassador Lands Handout Part 2
Extinction of Experience: The Loss of Human-Nature Interactions
Fostering a Love of Land
What's the Risk of Nobody Caring?